14/10/2009 – Princess & Angel


It is nice to see both Princess & Angel also settled in nicely over at Huey Fern’s place too. Angel is under co ownsership with Huey Fern and I will guide them along into the dog shows. Here are some photo of Princess & Angel.


14/10/2009 : Sushi & Tofu


Alex and Lena prefer to change the name for Maestro to Tofu. Here are some photo from Alex:

Alex and Lena feel that tofu is the mini version of Sushi and they both love the new boy alot, just like they love Sushi.
Sushi is a very lovely dog, good looking too. Excellent temperament!
Here are some photo on Sushi, Tofu’s companion.

05/10/2009 – Hardest Placements


Today, just after I finished my night shift, somehow I know I am tired and sleepy.. but something inside me keep me going.. Today is the placement for Maestro (now known as Tofu) and placement for Angel.

For Tofu, we have gone thru a few rounds of communication with new owners – Alex and Lina. They are nice couple who impressed us and we can see how much they love little Tofu, every time they were at my place.
Something cannot hide.. they are real dog lovers. Although now, little Tofu maybe quite far from my place, I think distance does not matter, it is the trust we have. Surely, little Tofu will be missed by my family. We hope the new family well and we going to meet up real soon.

Among the litters of 5. Angel was not my top favorite when they are all very small and a few days old. My top favorite was little Tofu and White Socks (aka Teddy Bear). Those days, Angel is the biggest pup, she always get her way to her mother for milk 1st. I have to keep pulling her back in order for the rest to get a fair share of their mum’s milk. As days past, Angel turned out to be not the biggest puppy among them. In fact, I was very attracted to her temperament and later her born to show quality. She learns very fast and she is outstanding when she stack for me without much problem. With her lovely temperament, she is everyone’s favorite baby girl at home.

With more plans upcoming, shows to attend and other activities for the dogs at home, I soon realized the need to place out these 2 little ones before they get too attached to us. They are now 6+months old, we faced the toughest part of breeding – to place them. Well.. it is the toughest part of all activities till today. It is really tough for me to just walk away without looking back after I handled over the leashes. I cannot help it but to turn and take 1 last look at Angel when she was about to take the lift up to her new home.

Now, I am feeling much better, it hurts to place them away but I know they will be in good hands now. I can now focus all my attention on Ben and Bella for this coming show. Not to forget, Melody (Mel) is coming back. We missed her alot when she is away.

I must thank Steven and his family for take such a good care on Mel. I know how they will feel to part with Mel.. you have my words, I will do my best to bring her to meet up with the whole family after she has settle in nicely.

It is a long day.. we will look ahead.. work together as a team.. and for a better tomorrow!

24/09/2009 – Maestro Photo (6 Months Old)


A few more days, the puppies will be 6 months old. I understand my friends who visited my puppies when they are very young, some of you may have not seen Maestro for long. My bad that I cannot bring him to dog shows as I am too busy with those showing.

Well, today we have a last minute visitors too. We are happy to meet one of the potential owners. I understand everyone wish to take a look at Maestro. Here you go…

Lovely Head!!

Lovely Head!!

Handsome? Beautifully groomed by Kelvin.

Handsome? Beautifully groomed by Kelvin.

He has very nice colour too, just like his mother.

He has very nice colour too, just like his mother.

22/09/2009 – Maestro Looking For New Home


Regrettably, we have decided to place Maestro away. This lovely little boy is abit taller then the show standard, as such are not keeping him for show. With more dogs at home and plans for upcoming shows and breeding, I do not have enough attention to upkeep this little boy. Maestro has a sweet temperament too, lovely salt and pepper coat, just like bella, however we will be clipping him soon for ease of maintenance. His furnishing is not as fluffy yet, but it will be in time to come. He is outdoor trained for pee and poo, well behave when comes to grooming (ear cleaning, trimming nails and brushing teeth). I have put in lots of effort to upkeep him till today, he is fully leash trained. We will be working on full details for this placement, including photo on placement process, owner, etc. If you are not comfortable with this arrangement, please do not apply. We will be updating more information on this boy in the next few days. Criteria for new owners will be set but basically, these are the following:

1. We are looking for owner with or without experience in dog keeping.
2. Owner not financial sound, as in not working, studying, and under age of 21, please do not apply. We access your maturity and understanding in dog ownership.
3. New owner will be trained by myself on how to take care of this boy. (I encourage owners to read up Cesar Millan’s book – CESAR’S WAY)
4. We do not entertain pet shops or farms or any who is into commercial breeding or sale of pets. This boy is on strict neutering term!
5. Owner must allow me to visit the new home before placement.
6. Owner must maintain contact with me and allow me for viewing of this boy after placement.
7. Owner must maintain a blog to give updates on this boy.
8. We will be asking for a small amount of fee to this placement, amount enough to neuter him at our preferred veterinary clinic.
9. We will hand over his vaccination card and update owners on the appointments for next vaccination, heart worm prevention, ticks and flea prevention and deworm.
10. More details and photo of Maestro will be posted soon.

20/09/2009 – What We Feeding Our Dogs & Puppies?


I am feeding the puppies kibbles. This is our prefered main meal for our dogs & puppies here. We are using Addiction Salmon Bleu now and likely to switch to Viva La Venison soon. Refer to http://www.addictionfoods.com for more details on this feed.

We also give our dogs and puppies 10ml of Sea Pet Omega 3 Fish Oil “200” with Natural Vitamin E every morning after their morning meals. Refer to http://www.seapet.com/ for more details.

Whenever needed to, especially the dogs is put on harder and longer exercise, we do serve some milk (LIDDELLS Lactose Free Milk), or steamed cooked boneless chicken breast meat (without skin and fat), or hard boil eggs (without shell).

It is hard to tell you how much to serve as I feed on my personal experience and the condition of the dogs or puppies. One important thing, DO NOT OVERFEED the dogs or puppies. I serve them one of the above only when needed.

I also give them 1/4 green apple every night after their meal and before I brush their teeth.

20/09/2009 – Bigger Crates For The Puppies.


My mentor always insist on better quality and durability when come to buying crates for our dogs.  Currently, we are using those from Petmate.  Ben and Bella are using Deluxe Vari Kennel® (Khaki), these are very durable and making the trips to dog shows safe and sound.  The bad sign is they are just too heavy to hand carry.  We use trolley!

Now before placement for Angel, I am rushing to get hold of the new crates for them.  Deluxe Vari Kennel is out of stock and they are old desgin now.  After much reading on the reviews, I decided to go ahead for Vari-Kennel® Ultra.  The Size – Medium (28 x 20.5 x 21.5, Colour – Bleached Linen.  It should look at this:

The Vari-Kennel has been improved with some nice features.  It has molded-in interlocking stacking lugs, allowing the next size up to stack securely on the top.

  • Multitransition design for style and improved structural intregrity.
  • Approved for international travel.
  • Has rear ventilation to meet IATA and USDA requirements for shipping.
  • Available in solid colors or two-tone combinations for fashion. (SG only solid colour).
  • A sturdy, lightweight hi-density copolymer crate with a steel and side vents.
  • Door guards prevent accidental opening.
  • A molded in rim provides a better grip.
  • Flat floor with moat for easy cleaning.
  • Easily assembled without tools. (Plastic wing-nuts that won’t corrode).
  • The Medium size has a carrying handle.
  • Many people use the bottom half for a bed, or even a whelping box.

16/09/2009 – Video On Baby Puppy Show (2nd FCI International Dog Show)


2nd FCI International Dog Show
JUDGE : Mrs. Jackie Perry (Thailand)
Sunday, 02 Aug 2009
Date : 6 September 2009 (Sunday)
Venue : The Serangoon Community Club

4th Placing – Miniature Schnauzer
Holehola Oriental Music ( Angel )

Oh by the way… Ben was award CACIB (Certificate of Aptitude for International Champion of Beauty)

This is his 2nd FCI and also his 2nd CACIB.

Ben also won Best of Breed and Best In Group (Group 2)

Best of Breed (Salt and Pepper Miniature Schnauzer) -Ch. Dietlieb of Grammy Kennel (Ben)

Best In Group 2

Salt and Pepper Miniature Schnauzer

Ch. Dietlieb of Grammy Kennel (Ben)

15/09/2009 – SKC Photo Taken From August SKC Shows

SKC 178th CHAMPIONSHIP DOG SHOW (Sunday, 02 Aug 2009) JUDGE : MR. PETER PRIMROSE (AUSTRALIA) Best of Breed – Ch. Regency’s Oriental Pride (Bella)

Best of Breed – Ch. Regency’s Oriental Pride (Bella)

Reserve Best In Utility Group – Ch. Regency’s Oriental Pride (Bella)

Reserve Best In Utility Group – Ch. Regency’s Oriental Pride (Bella)


Bella’s Grand Mother – Am Ch Daree’s Strike A Poise


Happened to see Bella’s Grand Mum when browsing AMSC website today.  For those who have met Bella before, do you find Bella looks like her?